Annual Meeting of Milan Center for Neuroscience

Titolo Congresso Annual Meeting of Milan Center for Neuroscience
Crediti ECM
Data di Inizio 21-11-2018
Data di Fine 23-11-2018
Città Milano
Luogo Congresso University of Milano-Bicocca - Aula Magna, Edificio U6
Indirizzo Piazza dell'Ateneo Nuovo, 1 - 20126 - Milano

The Milan Center for Neuroscience ( was founded in 2014 by the University
of Milano-Bicocca to promote high-level multidisciplinary research and education
in the field of Neuroscience, fostering collaborations among clinical, molecular, cognitive,
imaging, computational and biotechnological fields.
It gathers now more than 300 neuroscientists from 8 Departments of Bicocca and other
Universities and Research Institutes of the large Milan Area.
This is the fourth NeuroMi International Meeting. Previous ones have been: 2015-“Imaging
of the brain”, 2016-“Prediction and prevention of dementia: new hope”, 2017 -“Personalised
Medicine in Multiple Sclerosis”, all organized with major international experts
and with stimulating interdisciplinary views.
This meeting will follow the successful multidisciplinary approach, gathering basic scientists,
neurologists, neurosurgeons, psychiatrists, psychologists, rehabilitation specialists.
This fertile cross-disciplinary meeting will also provide the opportunity to interact with
top level scientists in each field.
The field of brain stimulation is advancing rapidly with breakthroughs in basic, translational,
and clinical research. The latest and most important research will be presented
at this meeting across these domains, starting with mechanisms of brain plasticity, and
going through applications of non-invasive (electrical and magnetic) cortical stimulation
to surgical deep brain stimulation in neurological and psychiatric disorders.

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